Sssshhh! 5 Quietest Places On Earth

While some travellers go on a holiday to be with nature, others might just want to have a luxurious stay. Some might want to enjoy family time while others are on a spiritual journey. If you wish to go off-route and do something entirely out-of-the-box, plan a trip to the quietest destinations on earth. Experience serenity with this list of places that you can explore and adore.



Iceland spread across 40,000 square miles has one of the lowest population rates in the world with 330,000 residents. In fact, it is a part of the 28 member states that make up NATO.


The Outback, Australia

Australia’s population might be 72 times the size of Iceland’s but its density is quite low; thanks to the larger size of the continent. The fabled Outback is deserted and has a population of 12,496.


The Scottish Highlands

The magical Scottish countryside is nothing less than an astonishing setting of a musical. It is a tranquil, priestly place that is dotted by ancient rock forming glorious mountains, cattle flecked hills and heather-concealed uplands.


Grasslands National Park, Canada

Offering isolation and fortune of breathtaking views of the solitary wildlife, Grassland National Park defines peace with its wide-open plains. This place is home to 195 bird species along with bison and timber.


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Olympic National Park, Washington

The quietest national park in the States, the Olympic National Park spans across one million acres. The major points of attractions that calls out to visitors are its beautiful lakes, waterfalls, glaciers, cedars, maples, elks, deers and much more.


There are very few places on earth that are free from human encroachment. The honking of cars, crowded parks, cramped streets and much more have left us lifeless. So, pack your bags and get ready to be in silence for a while.