Father’s Day Celebrations For Dads of All Kinds

Forgot to make plans for the Father’s Day in advance? Do you still have no ideas on how to celebrate Father’s Day? Do not panic. For every kind of dad, there is perfect kind of celebration or activity to cherish with him forever. If you think it is too late for planning, here are your rescue plans for your Father’s Day celebration:

For a dad who is always game

While you were a kid, your dad always ensured that you did something new and amusing. It is your turn now. Have a fun-filled day with your dad with the new-age adventure games like paintball, go karting, bowling or ice-skating. That sparkle in his eyes while he tries something new will be priceless.


For a dad with wanderlust

So what if you are a little late to plan something for him? Plan him a vacation instead. There are still few long weekends in 2016. Gift him tickets to his favourite destination he has always been longing to go but couldn’t because he was always busy with family and work. That will just be the best gift for him. Check out the packages for domestic and international destinations.



For a dad who is a foodie

So your dad loves food? Well, then it is easy to please him since food is always a way to the heart. Take him out for a unique gastronomical experience he has never had before. Or you could also take him out to the same restaurant/cafe you and him used to visit when you were a kid. It  will add nostalgia to your Father’s Day.

foodie dad

For a dad with a taste

Is your dad a wine connoisseur or a whisky lover? Take him to a microbrewery or a vineyard where he can sip on his beloved drink as he chitchats with his favourite son or daughter. If he happens to love wine, take him to Sula Vineyards, one of the top wine destinations in India. There are also a number of fantastic microbreweries brimming in metropolitans.


For a dad with a funny bone

Is your dad the one with funny bone and appreciates humour? Then take him to watch a stand-up comedy act. Not only he will enjoy it laughing his heart out, but it will also boost his blood circulation. Now isn’t that how you want to see your dad? Happy and healthy. This will also work well for the dads who are strict and disciplined. It will be fun watching him lower the guard for once.

fun dad

For a dad who appreciates art

Museums and movies are mainstream. But has he ever watched a play with you? If not, take him out to watch a play or drama. There are always stage performances and plays happening in the capital. When the play is over, you two can bond with each other contemplating over the play. This will help you both know each other better. You could also take him to a music fest of his taste if he is a music lover.


For a dad who is a saviour

Take him to real life escape games wherein you are trapped inside a mysterious room.and you can only get out once you solve the puzzles. Have fun with your dad while you both put your brains together. He has always saved you from the mother’s fury and other serious troubles in life. He sure will not be an exception then. Mystery Rooms in Kolkata and Breakout in Bangalore are places with the concept.


For a dad who is a bit emotional

Does your dad get teary-eyed easily? Then planning a Father’s Day for him is easy. Gift him a video montage of all his achievement to tell him that he has always been your superhero and have a proud Father-Son moment together.

Since you know your dad better, you are the best judge of how to make his day huge and memorable. But personally speaking, gifting him the joy of travel is the best depending upon the sort of traveller your dad is. Hope these ideas have helped you about how to celebrate the Father’s Day. Remember, whatever you do, all he is expecting is your time and attention. Do give him that.