No meals on domestic flights under 2 hours: India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation

Starting tomorrow, no meals will be served aboard any domestic flight that has a duration of less than two hours. India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation announced the news on Monday, highlighting it as a way to minimise COVID-19 infection risks. The rule will not apply to international flights.

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For domestic flights longer than two hours, the tray setup, plates and cutlery used will be completely disposable, and any rotables (fixed aircraft components) used will have to be cleaned and disinfected.

Tea, coffee, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages served across all classes will only be provided in disposable cans or single-use disposable units, and no beverage will be poured out for any passenger. 

As an added layer of protection, flight attendants will be wearing fresh gloves before every service. The catering will be staggered for passengers sitting in adjacent seats as much as possible, and in-flight announcements will also be made to remind passengers of these guidelines. 

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Over 1.8 lakh new cases of the coronavirus were recorded in India yesterday, and states and the Central government have issued a rush of new rules to contain the mammoth surge. 

Among the most recent ones, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued a stern order asking airlines to deboard any passengers who flouted COVID-19 safety protocols despite repeated warnings. 

As for the new state-wise travel guidelines, you can visit
our COVID-19 tracker for the most updated information on testing, quarantine and e-pass requirements as of today. 

Have a safe journey!

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