Here is Your Checklist for Flying During the Pandemic

Flight travel – it’s supposed to give you butterflies with the excitement of a trip! But with the ever-changing situation as we tackle the pandemic, the excitement can often turn into jitters instead.

So what’s a traveller got to do? Not travel? No, we do not even ENTERTAIN such ridiculous ideas. We travel, but smartly and safely. And what do we do to ensure that? We follow these 5 steps:

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1. Stay on top of your destination’s travel guidelines

Without any doubt, knowing the latest travel guidelines is the number one factor to have a safe and smart travel experience. It’s always a good idea to check your destination’s travel rules well in advance, so you do not have to deal with last-minute testing or quarantine arrangements that cost a bomb because you didn’t book them in advance.

If you’re going to be travelling for leisure, checking the guidelines in advance can also help you decide on a destination, based on the ease of its entry guidelines.

You can check the latest travel guidelines for both domestic and international destinations with the help of ixigo’s COVID-19 travel guide. You can also see when the page was last updated, so as to be assured of getting only the most recent guidelines.

2. Reach the airport with time to spare

With the ongoing pandemic, most airports have increased health and safety measures, with many requiring health screening for travellers. Keeping this in mind, it’s always a good idea to reach the airport slightly early so you have ample time for baggage drop, security checks and any extra health and safety tests that may be required on-spot.

3. Make your flight booking flexible

Travel guidelines often change at short notice leading to uncertainty. Therefore, having free cancellation on flights is very important for smart travel.

Travellers can get free cancellation on domestic flights by opting for ‘ixigo Assured’. It starts at just Rs.399 and gives travellers a full refund (up to Rs.5000 per person) on ALL domestic flights. There are additional benefits as well, such as free vouchers from brands including OLA, gaana, and even instant refunds. Know more about it here.

4. Travel light

Although at least one piece of check-in baggage is allowed across most flight carriers, carrying light luggage will help you exit the airport swiftly and smoothly, thereby reducing the risk of transmission.

5. Carry extra safety gear

Masks, sanitizers and surface disinfectants are indispensable while travelling. Therefore, always carry at least one extra mask in case you lose the one you’re wearing, and instead of carrying a big bottle of sanitizer or disinfectant, carry two small ones instead to save space as well as have a backup.

We hope these tips help you have a safe and comfortable travel experience!