Fun Facts! 6 Things You Might Not Know about Christmas Trees

One of the strongest symbol of the holiday season is the evergreen vibe of the Christmas Tree. The fascinating festivities get on point when you decorate the trees, light up the branches and place gifts under them. These evergreens mark the beginning of a joyous and stupendous celebratory month. But did you know there are number of fun facts related to X-Mas Trees. Read further and get your thrill mode on.

They have been a part of the celebrations from a very long time..

As a part of the winter celebrations, people began the custom of decorating the evergreen trees over 2000 years ago. These trees were considered as an ideogram of life as they stayed green all throughout the year.

Christmas got electrified..

Over 120 years ago, in 1890s, the first electric christmas tree lights came into the scene. Before this, people used to decorate the tree with candles to lit up the space.

Eerie and Spooky is also a part..

Well, this one is quite mysterious! In places like Poland and Ukraine, people decorate the Christmas trees with trinkets that look like spiders and their webs.

Grab that bite, right off the tree..

Earlier, Christmas trees were adorned with nuts, cakes, cookies, pretzels and fruits. Also, people used to hang small gifts on the branches of the tree.

Hang it up…

In the 17th and 18th century, it was a common practice to hang the tree upside down from the ceiling. Ummmm! What are we looking at?

Who is the tallest of them all?

As per the Guinness Book of Records, world’s tallest Christmas tree was a whopping 221 feet tall Douglas fir which was decorated and displayed in Seattle, Washington in 1950. Do you know how tall this would be; Yes a 20-storey apartment building. WOW!

Love for London..

Since 1947, the beautiful and massive Christmas tree at the Trafalgar Square is gifted to the city of London each year by Oslo, Norway. This is given as a thank you gift for Britain’s contribution during World War II.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🙂