Ganga Dussehra 2019 — A Festival Dedicated to Goddess Ganga

Dedicated to Goddess Ganga, the beautiful festival of Ganga Dussehra falls on Dashami Tithi, as per the Hindu calendar.

A celestial river descending from heaven, Ganga is regarded as the most sacred river in India. It is believed that taking a holy dip in Ganga can evict one’s sins.

Majorly, this festival is celebrated in the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.

Ganga Dussehra Date 2019

This year, the festival will be celebrated on 12th June (Wednesday) on the Dashami Tithi of Jyeshtha Shukla Paksha.

Puja Timings are as follows:

Dashami Tithi Begins: 20:19 on 11.06.2019

Dashami Tithi Ends: 18:27 on 12.06.2019

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Significance and Rituals

It is a Hindu festival that celebrates the avatarana (descent) of the Ganges. It is believed that river Ganga descended from heaven to earth on this auspicious day.

The major attraction for the pilgrims during this festival is the Ganga Aarti. Devotees go for a dip in the holy waters of the Ganges and sing praises of the Goddess.

To attain salvation or ‘Moksha’, one should offer things like flowers, leaf boats, prasada, etc., to Maa Ganga to get blessings. One must also chant mantras, shlokas and recite various hymns in the praise of the Goddess.

Other than these rituals, huge fairs are organised in Varanasi, Patna, Prayag and Haridwar followed by kite-flying events.

Happy Ganga Dussehra, everyone!