Working from Home? Head to These 5 Countries That Offer Digital Nomad Visa

Is your organisation still allowing Work from Home? If yes, we bring to you the amazing opportunity to get out of the house and work from picturesque destinations across the world. Many countries are now offering Digital Nomad Visas to foreign workers, and you must take advantage of it! 

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Here are five such nations where you can head to and spice up your WFH arrangement. 😉 

  1. Barbados
  2. Costa Rica
  3. Croatia
  4. Mexico
  5. United Arab Emirates

What is a Digital Nomad Visa?

First off, let’s understand what exactly a Digital Nomad Visa is. It is an authorization that lets the visa holder work in a foreign country while staying there. Unlike Tourist Visa, a Digital Nomad Visa permits the applicant to stay in the country for a longer period of time. In addition, the visa holder is free to work remotely for their current employer and thus, does not need to look for local jobs. 

Countries Offering Digital Nomad Visa


We kick this list off with a Caribbean favourite: Barbados. Known for its several beautiful beaches, the island is a slice of paradise. When in Barbados, one must try the water sports and the seafood, before anything else.  

The Welcome Stamp Visa of the country allows foreign nationals to work from here for up to one year. This means that you can live that breezy beach life for 365 days! For more information, tap here

Costa Rica

Another beachy destination, Costa Rica is calling you to make it your home. The waterfalls, hot springs and national parks of this Central American country will serve as a great backdrop to your WFH setup, wouldn’t you agree?

Digital Nomad Visa holders in Costa Rica can extend their 90-day tourist visa to a year, and can prolong it further for another year. To know more about the requirements, tap here

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This Central European nation has more to offer than being the location of epic Game of Thrones scenes. With its carnivals, food, markets, and famous cities like Dubrovnik and Zagreb, there will be plenty to keep you busy.

Croatia grants its Digital Nomads the permission to stay here for up to one year. To know more about the requirements of the visa, tap here.  


If you want to go to a faraway and exotic location, this Latin American country of colours, culture and mesmerising music could be your next workstation. From ancient temples to dramatic soap operas, Mexico has it all. 

Moreover, the Temporary Resident Visa can permit you to chill in the nation for up to four years! You can find more details about the visa here.

United Arab Emirates

Home to Burj Khalifa, pristine water bodies and unending party vibes, the United Arab Emirates is an unmissable destination in the Middle East. The country can be the perfect getaway while you work to get your leave balance up again. 

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The UAE’s Remote Work Visa has a validity of one year. Tap here to know more about the programme. 

We hope that you grab this opportunity and make the most of WFH. Happy travels! 🙂 

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