Holi Specialities from All Over India!

If you have been looking for the formula to throw the perfect Holi bash, or just want to enjoy the true colours of Holi with your loved ones, look no further. The one stop checklist for exciting holi celebrations is here! Read on to find out where to get your dose of Holi specials from all over the country!


Chikankari Suits from Lucknow


From Bollywood celebrities to the local hotties, everyone’s flaunting one this Holi, and you should get it too!


Thandai and Paan from Varanasi


Photo of Benarasi Paan by ampersandyslexia


Paan has been considered the harbinger of good luck since ancient times, and the Thandai from Benaras, might just be one of the best soft (or not!) drinks you’ve ever tasted!


Samosa, Kachori and Jalebi from Mathura


Photo Credits : kspoddar


It’s okay if you don’t want to participate in Mathura’s Lathmaar Holi, but if missing out on the Samosas, Kachoris and Jalebis here, specially near the Bus Stand, is simply a crime!


Sandalwood Powder from Mysore



This one is specially for those who shy away from gulal! Nobody minds the tender love and care of Sandalwood powder, more so when it’s from Mysore!


Ladoos from Kanpur


Photo of Ladoos by Abbas Azim


What’s a festival without Ladoos? Make it better by getting ladoos from Kanpur’s famous Thaggu ke Laddu!


Gujia from Bihar and Jharkhand


Photo Credits: Sanjeevdwivedi


Last but not the least, Gujia from Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan or Uttar Pradesh will make your Holi celebrations complete!


Now that you have this list of Holi specialities, you’re all set for an awesome time! We wish you a very  Happy Holi, and hope that the time to come is full of colour, laughter and success for you!