How to be a responsible traveller? These tips will help!

People travel for all sorts of reasons. Some travel to relieve stress, some do it for business purposes while some others have it as their profession. But did you know that every 30 seconds, a tourist arrives at some destination around the world?

While people enjoy stay at their favourite destination, there’s a social aspect to the whole travelling scene that goes unnoticed. Things of basic necessity like water gets overused and then in time, exhausted!

So here are a few tips to make your travel as eco-friendly as possible!

1) Opting for eco-friendly accomodation

When travelling, try to book environment friendly accommodation spaces. Hotels that make use of recycled toilet paper, organic paint, solar powered appliances, eco-friendly cleaning options must be preferred. Also, hotels that serve organic/ pesticide-free food options will not just be good for the environment but for you as well.

2) Make your travel plastic-free

It’s a well established fact that plastic has been clogging our planet. This next trip of yours, do your bit to stay away from plastic as much as possible by carrying your own reusable jute bags and non-plastic water bottles.

3) Don’t interact too much with the wildlife

Interacting with the wildlife too much is a complete no-no! For example, the eatables you throw to monkeys on your hike might not actually be an indigenous produce and in turn affect them negatively.

4) Buy souvenirs wisely

It’s always a traveller’s habit to get souvenirs for friends and family when you travel to new places, but if modified a little, that habit can also have a massive positive impact on the nature. Take caution in choosing souvenirs that you may suspect have animal remains in them.

5) No trace must be left!

Once you visit a country/place that has been really well-preserved, make sure to leave it as it was when you return. It’s not necessary that each place you visit may have the means to recycle things you leave behind.

Follow these tips and next time you travel, travel responsibly!