How To Choose The Right Hotel: Your Personal Handbook

For any vacationer, a holiday trip is an escape from the monotony of the daily grind. Some trips are born on serendipity, while others come true by the means of a good planning. Booking a hotel is the most crucial part of planning a vacation. It can leave a huge impact on your holiday experience and the overall spending, if not chosen considerately. With a motley of options available online, the task of booking a hotel becomes a little overwhelming. Here are a few tips for choosing the right hotel for you.


Type of Vacation

This is the first thing to consider. What kind of holiday it is; backpacking, honeymoon, luxury holiday, family getaway, or a business trip? Different vacations call for different kinds of accommodation. For instance, a hostel is appropriate for a solo traveller, a budget hotel for family vacation, a resort or boutique heritage property, like Neemrana hotels in India, for a luxury holiday, a prime hotel for business trip, and so on.

Tip: A B&B accommodation might be a good and reasonable option for a couple seeking some privacy. Hence, choose wisely according to the type of vacation.


The Budget

Before booking a hotel for yourself set a budget. Price is going to be typically the determining factor for what kind of hotel you want. It is up to you how much you want to spend on your stay. Therefore, assign  the desired price bracket for hotel bookings. More the luxury, more the price. There are many budget hotels in India that give you more for less.

Tip: You may get different and cheaper prices for the same hotel. So it is suggested that you compare the deals online.


The Location

The next big factor for booking a hotel is its location. Is it accessible by public transport? Is it located in the city centre? Or, is it located amidst nature away from all the clamour? It all comes down to you; whether you want an escapade in the outskirts or to roam like a tourist in the city.

Tip: Check the location and accessibility of hotel before you make the hotel bookings.


The Amenities

So, your hotel looks nice and is budget friendly. But, does it also provide the basic amenities like free breakfast, WiFi, pool, etc? Many hotel search engines allow you to pick the filters on amenities, like chauffeur service or a meeting room when you are on a business trip. Check for the deals available that provide such amenities on travel websites. After all, who wouldn’t like a cherry on top?

Tip: Decide what’s important. Filter out the ones that don’t meet your criteria.


Ratings and Reviews

If you are still dubious about the hotel you have chosen, you can go for the personal reviews of the vacationers who have stayed there before. You will get to know how the staff and the service of the hotel is. The personal experience of fellow travellers will provide you with an insight on how your stay turns out to be.

Tip: Go for a trusted and verified website to check the hotel reviews.


The Experience

If you want your hotel to be more than a place to crash in, you can always look for accommodations that promise an extraordinary sojourn. Need a head start on this? Book yourself a room in the world’s most unusual hotels for an experience like never before. Go zip lining at Neemrana Palace or pamper yourself with Ayurvedic Spa at Le Meridien in Kochi.

Tip: If you are looking for a particular experience, look for a hotel/resort that provides it.


Other Factors

There are some other factors to consider when choosing a hotel, things you should not overlook, like:

  • What is the cancellation policy of the hotel?
  • Is there any Loyalty program or Frequent Flier program?
  • Is there a separate floor for women in case you are travelling solo?
  • Is there any facility for the disabled?
  • Is the hotel pet-friendly?

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Booking a hotel is not as daunting as you think. All you need to do is to be sure of what kind of experience you want your hotel to offer you. Focus on what matters most to you and ignore everything else in order to choose a good hotel. Why compromise on your priorities, after all?

Be a smart traveller!