India and Pakistan Extend Their Rail Agreement for Three More Years

The Thar Express/Thar Link Express operating between Jodhpur and Karachi will continue to serve as a connecting link between India and Pakistan till 31st January, 2021. The decision was taken by both the nations on Tuesday i.e., 30th January. The Thar Link Express is a continuation of the previous Sind Mail, which was revived after a period of 41 years on 18 February, 2006 and was set to expire in March, 2018

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The train departs from Bhagat Ki Kothi Railway Station, Jodhpur every Saturday at 01:00 IST and travelling westwards passes through Balotra and reaches Manabao at 07:00 IST. After customs, it crosses the Pakistan border and reaches Karachi at 02:15 PST on Sunday. The total distance of 381 kms is covered in approximately 12 hours and 15 minutes by this train.

Another train that connects India and Pakistan is the Samjhauta Express, which runs between Attari in India to Lahore in Pakistan. This is a bi-weekly train that runs every Wednesday and Sunday. The train covers a total distance of 27 kms in 4 hours and 10 minutes.