Yummy Yum: 5 Mouth-Watering Holi Dishes You Must Try

Holi aayi khushiyan layi.… 🙂

Finally, the most colourful festival of the year is here! From burst of vibrant colours to mouth-watering delicacies, this day is celebrated with great joy.  Drooling already! 😛

हिंदी में पढ़ें

Gujiya from Bihar and Jharkhand

Gujiya and Holi are synonymous with each other! Made with semolina, dry fruits, khoya and coconut, these little dumplings makes for a perfect Holi delight.


Hing Kachori and Jalebi from Mathura

Try these two delicacies together and we guarantee your visit to Mathura again! Served with  potato curry, these kachoris are crisp and flat and taste best with large jalebis.

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Thandai from Varanasi

Bhang thandai, anyone? Thandai from Varanasi, might just be one of the best soft (or not!) drinks you would have ever tasted in your life! Haha.

Ladoos from Kanpur

What’s a festival without the yummy ladoos? Make this Holi special by getting these ladoos from Kanpur’s famous Thaggu ke Laddu!

Dahi Vada from Delhi

A popular North-Indian chaat, Dahi Vada is a must-have delicacy on Holi. Hunger alert! 

Now that you have this list of 5 mouth-watering Holi dishes, you’re all set for an awesome time! Till we meet again, play safe and happy travels!