India Under Lockdown: Guidelines For ‘Shramik Special’ Trains By Railways

Amid coronavirus lockdown in India, railways has issued a set of guidelines for running the ‘Shramik Special’ trains deployed to transport pilgrims, workers, tourists, students and other persons stranded at several places to their respective destinations.

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Here are the guidelines:

1. Zonal Railways will run these special trains as per the demand of state administration.

2. IRCTC will print train tickets to the specified destination as per the number of passengers indicated by the originating state. The local state government authorities will give tickets to the passengers by collecting the fare. Finally, it will hand over the total amount to the railways.

3. All passengers have to wear face covers/face masks.

For train journeys beyond 12 hours, one meal will be provided by railways. Also, the state governments shall issue food packets and drinking water at the originating points to the passengers.

5. The originating states will also provide adequate security at the designated station for ensuring that only passengers who have been cleared by the state government and have valid tickets for the journey should enter the station premises.

6. On arrival at their destinations, all passengers will be received by the state government authorities who would then make all arrangements for their screening, quarantine (if necessary) and further travel from the railway station.

Note: Indian Railways has run 34 ‘Shramik Special’ trains so far from different parts of the country. Check full list of corona special trains.