Indian Destinations That We Wish Mr Yash Chopra Knew Of!

Lush green meadows, snow-laden peaks on the horizon, a train (that is too cute to be called a train) chugging around, chocolate shops that looked more like chocolate farms and more, Mr Yash Chopra made millions of Indians dream of a land that was ever so surreal, that was Switzerland.



The classic fantasy for every in-love couple, his movies were some of the most loved rom-coms of all time. But, perhaps, he ventured too far, not noticing the gorgeous landscapes closer home. Here are the 10 Indian places that we wish he had known; sights which fail to find a place in the ever so mushy Karan Johar films as well.


The same classic fantasy made desi –


1) Khajjiar and Chamba – Give this place a chance in monsoons and you would fall in love. These lush green meadows at Khajjiar are dotted with a few HPTDC run cottages, making for a perfect getaway. Worth mentioning is the tiny school that is tucked neatly in the woods that stretch from the cottages, bringing in droves of happy pahadi kids who would smile at you for no reason at all.

Photo Courtesy – Sandeep Brar Jat


2) Sikkim – With some imagination, you can visualise Shahrukh Khan, Yash Chopra’s favourite, driving up these oh-so-fantastic roads at Sikkim. Not always this smooth, these roads are your gateway to the magic of Sikkim. Here, love is literally in the air as clouds, mist, the Sun and the Moon all unite to set a stage that is perfect to fall in love ala Romeo.

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3) Ladakh – Oh! How we wish that Yash Chopra had discovered this place much before his last movie. Though it brought much solace to see him camping there for the last one he directed, some lamhe of the Raj-Simran love story could have been featured here.

Photo Courtesy – Sidharthkochar



4) Nubra Valley – Forget wooing a lady, this gorgeous valley has such beauty that any of Yash Chopra’s Raj, Mahesh, Rahul or Sunil would have stayed content with being single here. Stark landscapes and continuously changing contours are enough to make one giddy even when not in love.

Photo Courtesy – John Hill

5) Majuli – All that Mr Yash Chopra would have needed to work romance at Majuli was a good lead pair and some magic of his. For the rest, the brilliant skies and waters of Majuli are like a canvas that needs no touch ups.

Photo Courtesy – Kalai Sukanta


6) Kudremukh – No place (yes, even in Switzerland) would have served better than the grasslands at Kudremukh for the classic “Shahrukh pose” that Mr Yash Chopra evidently loved to shoot. Right from the days of the yesteryear’s very romantic Joy Mukherjee to the Khan trio, none could have hated shooting at Kudremukh. If only…

Photo Courtesy – Karunakar Rayker


7) Jog WaterfallsRemember the misty waterfalls where the hero would first spot their ladylove, including the ever so lovely Asha Parekh, Sadhna and Mr Yash Chopra’s other muses like Aishwarya Rai? Well, he could have shot those love-at-first-sight scenes so close to home. Right?

Photo Courtesy – Prasanaik


8) Chadar Trek For the larger than life heroes of Mr Yash Chopra, no terrain would have served better than the Chadar Trek. Famous for being infamous, this trek would have been perfect for a save-the-damsel-in-distress sequence. Some real distress this time.

Photo Courtesy – Anupama Kinagi


9) Hampi – However much we hated it, the love birds in every of Mr Yash Chopra’s love tale had to separate for some time. Only to unite after some crooning, crying and yearning for love. With that in mind, I cannot think of a better landscape than the abandoned city of Hampi. Starkly beautiful, yet abandoned, it has an air of many lost loves.

Photo Courtesy – Dineshkannambadi



10) Cherrapunji How we wish that the director who made the half of India fall in love with the idea of eloping shot some of his epics of Cherrapunji! While the rains are incessant here, it takes little more than a few seconds for the skies to clear up and dazzle in brilliance. A perfect hideaway I would say, for not everyone wishes to cross the living root bridges in rains, not even when they are chasing you!

Photo Courtesy – Joe King


If you, too, have spent hours watching those hundreds of rom-coms that came from the skilled director that Mr Yash Chopra was, let us know if there is a place in India which would have been perfect for him; a place which you fell in love with, head over heels! Would love to include your entry here!



Till then, happy travelling.


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