Indian Railways aims to ensure constant supply of daily needs

In order to contribute towards the fight against Coronavirus pandemic, Indian Railways is aiming to ensure the continuous supply of commodities through its network.

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In this regard, Indian Railways is operating only freight trains across the country, through which the 24/7 supply of these items is likely to be maintained.

According to the Railway Board, commodities such as food grains, sugar, milk, salt, edible oil, fruits and vegetables, onion, petroleum products, coal and other such items are being loaded at the existing railway terminals on the network, for being transported to various parts of the country.

Here are some of the steps which have been undertaken by Indian Railways:

1. On March 23, a total of 474 rakes of Indian Railways were loaded for the transportation of essential commodities such as – grains, milk, salt, etc.

2. 121 rakes of iron ore, 25 of cement, 48 rakes of steel, 106 rakes of containers, 28 rakes of fertilizer, etc. have also been loaded.

3. The national transporter is also maintaining a constant coordination with the state governments so that the rakes of the essential commodities are being handled smoothly without any delay.

4. The Indian Railways staff at the control rooms for the operation of freight trains, maintenance staff, line staff, medical staff in railway hospitals, security personnel are working continuously to ensure the smooth operations of freight trains.