Indians with US visa or a Green Card get UAE visa on arrival

On Wednesday, the UAE Cabinet approved that Indian passport holders with a Green Card or a valid American visa are eligible to obtain a UAE visa on arrival. The visa will be valid for a total of 14 days from the issue date. If asked, a single extension is possible but for a fee. The decision of simplified visa process was taken to improve the UAE-India relations in terms of politics, economy, and trade. Also, it will help the UAE achieve its vision of attracting maximum global tourists.


As per an official statement, “Citizens of the Republic of India who are holders of normal passports with a six-month, or more, valid green card or visa issued by the United States of America shall be granted entry visas to the UAE from all ports for a period of 14 days, subject for a single renewal for the same period upon payment of applicable fees,”.


From tourism point of view, the number of Indian tourists visiting UAE reached 1.6 million last year, and around 50,000 UAE tourists visited India in the same year. A total of approximately 143 flights ply between the two countries on a daily basis. Trade relationships between the two countries have also improved lately. Trade has grown to around $60 billion per annum, making India the second largest trading partner of UAE.