International Travel Insurance Myths You Should Stop Believing

Travelling international has different meanings for different types of travellers. For some, it might be exploring a new destination, while for others it could be a business tour or an opportunity for higher studies.

While on a trip, one can be exposed to a number of risks, both while travelling and on the journey. As a safety net, travel insurance ensures an escape from the financial consequences of such situations.

If you are planning to travel international, here are a few things about travel insurance you need to know and understand.

To make your vacation planning easy and uncomplicated, we have listed down the most popular international travel insurance myths you have got to stop believing. Read on…

To make your holiday planning uncomplicated and travel hassle-free, here are the most popular travel insurance myths exposed for you: –

Myth #1: My existing insurance will cover any mishap

Many people assume that their domestic health insurance or homeowner’s insurance covers them, making travel insurance unnecessary. Although this is not true!

Travel insurance does a lot more than just covering the medical expenses. From financial loss, trip cancellation, baggage delay, lost luggage, etc., it covers a lot of other things.

Myth #2: Nothing will happen to me while on a trip

Life is unpredictable and sometimes unexpected circumstances like a medical emergency, injury, natural disasters, passport theft, missed flights, etc. can lead to a stressful situation. To help deal with any such mishaps, travel insurance will always come in handy.

Myth #3: A travel insurance can be bought later

When you are planning a trip, buying travel insurance is as important as buying flight tickets or booking hotel rooms. Waiting to buy one until the last minute is never a good idea. In cases where you might fall sick one day before your trip, travel insurance will cover you for ticket cancellations and other losses. You can compare travel insurance and choose the right one for you, well in advance.

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Myth #4: Buying travel insurance is expensive and complicated

Most international travel insurance plans can be bought online in minutes without any lengthy questionnaires. Spending a few minutes purchasing good insurance is better than paying hefty bills in a foreign land. Buy the right travel insurance online and make your journey stress-free.

Myth #5: Travel insurance is only necessary for people taking adventurous trips

While insurance plans are extremely important for people taking part in dangerous adventure sports, it is just as crucial for other people. Even if you are not planning to indulge in any adventure sports during the trip, there are still chances of various risks that you can face. A travel policy can save you from such events.

Myth #6: Short trips don’t require travel insurance

Many people have a misconception that with a short trip, the risk of an accident or mishaps is eliminated. Even a one-day trip to foreign land should be covered by insurance to help in any medical condition, sickness or accident. It is never a good idea to travel unprotected.

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Myth #7: I will only get compensation if something major happens

A strong misbelief says that it is extremely tough to get the claim amount unless there has been a calamity. This is false. A travel policy is just not for extreme conditions. The main purpose behind international travel insurance is to provide a hassle-free and peaceful experience to the travellers without any tension about emergencies.

These are some of the most popular myths about international travel insurance. We hope this will help you make an informed decision next time you are planning to purchase insurance.