This World Food Day, count memories; not calories: 5 local delicacies of India worth travelling for!

Food is our common ground, a universal experience – John Beard

Flavours, aroma, spices, and more – Indian cuisines are a splendid melange of all these and much more. With its rich legacy and diversity, India’s culinary heritage is easily one of the most enriched and varied one across the globe.

On this World Food Day, we bring to you 5 distinctly tasteful local cuisines of India that you must try:

1. Poha-Jalebi (Madhya Pradesh)

Just like the jodi of Jai-Veeru in Sholay, Poha-Jalebi is the inseparable breakfast combo in most regions of Madhya Pradesh. From regular households to roadside stalls, to famous restaurants, everyone has got their own unique recipe for Poha-Jalebi across the state. If you want to have it the local way, then Indore, Bhopal, Ujjain, etc. are the places you should be at!

Close up of Indian popular brunch dish in a clay bowl with dried fried groundnut on it is Poha batata or Pava batata on a wooden surface in dark Gothic colors.

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2. Ghevar (Rajasthan)

Often associated with the festival of Teej, Ghevar is a rich honeycomb-like sweet that hails from Rajasthan. Locally made in various flavours, this dessert has a separate fan base across the nation. If you want to relish this quintessential sweet from Rajasthan then Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaipur are the ideal places to travel to!

indian traditional sweet food Ghewar

3. Dabeli (Gujarat)

Sweet, spicy, salty – Dabeli is all in one and more! This edible treasure from the streets of Gujarat is something that is relished alike from North to South. A genius blend of softness and crunch, it is made of split open grilled paos and stuffed with a spiced potato mixture, onions, pomegranate seeds, and sweet- tangy- spicy chutneys.
Ahmedabad, Kutch, Surat are the places you must head to for an amazing Dabeli experience.

The snack in focus is called "Dabeli" and the snack in the background is called "Vada Pav"

4. Dalma (Odisha)

One of the important dishes from the 56 delicacies (Chhapan Bhog) offered to Lord Jagannath in the temple of Puri, Dalma is not only healthy but also delicious. Made with toor dal and a plethora of chopped seasonal vegetables, it has a definite flavour to it that is not found anywhere else in India.

Indian sambar spicy stew made with moringa and lentisl

5. Fara (Chhattisgarh)

Made with leftover rice and rice flour, this savoury dish is a popular breakfast option across Chhattisgarh. It is usually served with tomato chutney, mango pickle, or fried green chilli. To get the best of it, one must visit Chhattisgarh and opt for a homestay so that it can be enjoyed in an authentic way.

So, foodies! Don’t wait up. Pick your favourite cuisine from the options mentioned above and get ready to explore authentic tastes and flavours.