IRCTC quick/ popular/ unknown facts

Nearly all of us have travelled by a train at least once in our lives. Besides a remarkable travel experience, there are other things that the Railways can surprise you these 10 incredible facts:

  1. Gorakhpur is home to the longest platform in the world, which is 4,483 ft. in length.
  1. Can you guess the mascot of the Indian Railways? Well, it’s Bholu, the guard elephant.
  1. On 16th April 1853, the first passenger train ran between Bombay and Thane.
  1. Howrah – Amritsar Express has the maximum number of halts (115 halts).
  1. The shortest station name is Ib (Odisha) and the longest is Sri Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta (Tamil Nadu). 
  1. The slowest train in India is the Mettupalayam –- Ooty Nilgiri passenger train that runs at a speed of 10 kmph and the fastest is the Vande Bharat Express or Train 18 that runs at a speed of 180 kmph.
  1. Indian Railways is the world’s 8th largest employer. That is incredible.
  1. Lord Dalhousie is known as the father of Indian Railways.
  1. The first railway minister of India was John Mathai.
  1. Bogibeel bridge on the Brahmaputra river in Assam is the longest rail-cum-road bridge of India.