Holi Special Trains 2021 – Here is the complete list

For the convenience of the commuters, Indian Railways is planning to run around 16 Holi special trains. These trains will run on a weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly and daily basis and will cover all the prominent routes.

हिंदी में पढ़ें

Here are the details —

03402 Danapur-Bhagalpur Special (Daily)
03401 Bhagalpur-Danapur (Daily)

03419 Bhagalpur-Muzaffarpur Special (Daily)
03420 Muzaffarpur- Bhagalpur Special (Daily)

02315 Kolkata-Udaipur City Special (Thursday)
02316 Udaipur City-Kolkata Special (Monday)

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03165 Kolkata-Sitamarhi Special (Saturday)
03166 – Sitamarhi-Kolkata Special (Sunday)

02361 Asansol-Mumbai CST Special (Sunday)
02362 Mumbai CST-Asansol Special (Wednesday)

03023 Howrah-Gaya Special via Sahibganj (Daily)
03024 Gaya-Howrah Special via Sahibganj (Daily)

03002 Suri-Howrah Special (Daily)
03001 Howrah- Suri Special (Daily)

03502 Asansol-Haldia Special (Except Sunday)
03501 Haldia-Asansol Special (Except Sunday)

03506 Asansol-Digha Special (Sunday)
03505 Digha-Asansol (Sunday)

03512 Asansol-Tatanagar Special (Sunday, Tuesday and Friday)
03511 Tatanagar-Asansol Special (Sunday, Tuesday and Friday)

02335 Bhagalpur-LTT Special (Tuesday, Friday and Sunday)
02336 LTT-Bhagalpur Special (Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday)

03507 Asansol-Gorakhpur Special (Friday)
03508 Gorakhpur-Asansol Special (Saturday)

03509 Asansol-Gonda Special (Monday)
03510 Gonda-Asansol Special (Wednesday)

03418 Malda Town-Digha Special (Thursday)
03417 Digha-Malda Town (Thursday)

03415 Malda Town-Patna Special (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday)
03416 Patna-Malda Town (Thursday, Saturday and Monday)

03425 Malda Town-Surat Special (Saturday)
03426 Surat-Malda Town Special (Monday)

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It is suggested that all passengers must follow all COVID-19 safety protocols and guidelines during the journey.