Kalindi Express Got Derailed Near Tundla in Uttar Pradesh.

Yet another derailment incident occurs! The Kalindi Express got derailed near Tundla in UP (Uttar Pradesh), however the good thing is that there is no report of any casualties or injuries. The passengers had a lucky escape after the train collided with a goods train near Firozabad city in Uttar Pradesh.


More Details

The incident happened around 1:00 AM on Monday and the engine as well as the first coach of Kalindi Express got derailed after the collision. The train plys between Kanpur Central and Bhiwani Junction in Haryana. The derailment has adversely affected the rail routes, especially between Delhi and Howrah as several trains have either be cancelled or diverted on these two routes.

Please find the helpline numbers released by the Indian Railways:

Tundla: +91-5612-220337/220338 ,220339, 1072
Hathras: +91-5722 – 1072
Kanpur: +91-512 – 2323016/2323015/2323018