Keep a note! 7 mistakes we all make while flying

“To err is human” are the lines that comfort me when I make the same mistake every time I travel. From first-timers to frequent flyers, everybody who travels makes mistakes no matter whether big or small. While there isn’t much you can do about turbulence, delays or smelly seatmates, but you can be rest assured of a comfortable journey by keeping these pointers in mind —



Overpacking is one of the common mistakes we all make. As a result,  we end up paying baggage fees for exceeding the weight limit. Instead of spoiling of your mood at the beginning of your trip, make a checklist of everything that you need and pack accordingly.

Not booking your seat while booking a ticket

One of the things you must never forget is booking your seat in advance. If you forget to do that, you might end up getting an aisle seat or a middle seat.


Not keeping enough time between two flights

Flights journeys are unpredictable; delays and cancellations are a part. If your flight gets delayed, you might have to rush through an unfamiliar airport to catch your connecting flight. It is best that you book your flight with a safe buffer time in between.

Neglecting Travel Insurance

Now, whether your travel duration is long or short, a travel insurance is a must. Travel insurance covers everything from cancellation fees to medical expenses. Most of us ignore it at the first place and later regret it.


Not keeping local currency

If you are travelling abroad, you will need local currency for public transportation or cab rides. Carrying enough money on your vacation is a balancing act between safety and utility.

Managing the documents

It is very important that all the documents that are required during the journey are handy. Don’t keep them in the check-in luggage  and keep at least two copies of your visa, reservation details and identity proofs with you at all times.

Not informing your credit card company about the travel

If not notified earlier, credit card companies may freeze your account suspecting a case of fraud. To save yourself from such a situation, it is good to inform your company ahead of time. Also, find out how much foreign transaction fee they charge to save yourself from unwanted surprises.


So, now with these handy suggestions in mind,  make your travel within the country or abroad secure and comfortable. Hope you enjoy a safe journey!