Latest travel update: Thailand is reopening for tourists; Singapore to open borders for business travel!

Thailand is now open for tourists under strict protocols in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 cases. This popular destination is reopening slowly and cautiously to ensure safety.

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Tourists, pensioners, short-term business travellers, NGO volunteers are now permitted to enter Thailand, subject to having adequate insurance and a 14-day quarantine at government-approved quarantine facilities. 

All travellers wishing to enter Thailand must apply for the visa first (unless they have valid visa / re-entry permit / or are qualified under visa exemption schemes) and then the Certificate of Entry (COE). 

Without a visa and COE, they will be refused boarding/entry to Thailand.

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Singapore, under a new initiative Connect@Singapore, is all set to open its borders for a limited number of business, official, and high-economic value travellers who are coming to Singapore for short-term stays of up to 14 days. Applications will open in the middle of January 2021 and the first travellers will be able to arrive from the second half of January 2021.

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For the duration of their up to 14-day stay, visitors will be housed in a ‘bubble’  within a dedicated facility, undergo testing upon arrival and on days 3, 5, 7 and 11, and must observe all prevailing safe management measures.

Tap here to go through the press release on the segregated travel lane by the Singapore government.

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