Love to Travel? Here are 7 Careers You may want to Choose

If you are suffering from a serious case of wanderlust, it is probable that you’d rather spend your hard-earned money on a vacation than on material things like a house or a car. In all probability, you will also want to spend your time exploring the world, both domestic and international rather than working a 9-to-5 job week after week.

Change your career to the below-mentioned jobs, where you can earn a handsome salary and travel to exotic destinations –


Freelance Travel Writer/ Photographer

Truth be told, freelance is on the rise; the gig economy is on an upward surge too. Therefore, it is no surprise that more and more people are choosing to freelance. As charming as it sounds, there are definite downsides of being a freelancer. It means having negligible to no stability and no steady career. The upsides, however, are many. You can choose your time and you are location independent. So, if you write well or if you are a photography enthusiast and love to travel, this is a good option.


Business Consultant

If you are an entrepreneur or an executive bitten by the travel bug, being a Business Consultant would be a pretty great gig for you. With time, build up a group of stable clients in your favourite destinations, and when business is done, leave your hotel room and go discover some unexplored locales.


There are bars and restaurants in every nook and corner of every city and every town around the globe. What’s more is the job stays the same, the same duties and responsibilities wherever you go. Landing a job in new locales as you travel around should not be hard, although language may be a constraint. But maybe, that’ll just be an excuse to learn a new one.


International Tour Guide

What’s great about being a tour guide is not just showing the tourists around a city and its many marvels, but also learning about its history and culture. Tour Guides and Directors are in much demand, because there are plenty of opportunities available, all around the world. It is quite the dream job, as you learn about new places while making money (plus tips), and it’s definitely exciting. Bonus, you meet all kinds of people, and no two work days are ever the same.

Au Pair

Becoming an Au Pair also means having to like children, or at least, bearing with them in the name of travel. Au Pairs, basically, live with their employers as a family member. Their job entails looking after the children, helping them with their homework and taking care of their basic needs. Families in Europe, Australia and China have been known to employ au pairs quite fervently.


English Teacher

Working as an English Teacher abroad will require you to get some sort of certification beforehand, but you will definitely have a rewarding career as ESL teachers are highly sought worldwide. Surveys say that Asian countries have the highest demand and the best pay, although there is also solid demand in Central America and Europe.

If there’s still time, switch careers now or forever hold your peace!