Last Few Days Left: What All Did You Miss at this Year’s Kumbh?

Abound with religious discourses and spiritual talks, Kumbh Mela is a festival of knowledge, asceticism and devotion. If you’ve ever visited the mela, you would’ve noticed that the place has a magical feel of its own.

One and a half months into this one-of-a-kind spiritual fest, we can ascertain the fact that Kumbh Mela has gradually evolved into a cultural and spiritual extravaganza for the world to witness.

Having officially entered the last week of Kumbh, here is a list of some of the things you can do, if you’re planning to visit the mela:

Take a holy dip

The Kumbh Mela will come to an end on the 4th of March. The day will also mark the 4th and the last ‘shahi snan’ of this year. If you’re planning a visit, we recommend you travel to Prayagraj around this time.

Discover Prayagraj on foot
An ancient city well accessorized by its history and culture, Prayagraj is a gem that one must discover on foot. Once you’ve visited Kumbh, prepare some time and indulge yourself in its historic roots.

Fly over the mela

In a once in a lifetime opportunity, you can now fly over Kumbh and witness the confluence of millions of devotees at the Triveni Sangam. The helicopter takes off from Arail helipad in trans-Yamuna area and flies to Sangam and other areas.

Ride the river

Did you know that the government has also organized river rides for entertainment purposes at the Kumbh? It will span from Sujawan Ghat to Rail Bridge (Naini Side) and then Boat Club Ghat to Saraswati Ghat and Kila Ghat.

Enjoy the laser light and sound show
The laser light and sound show has been continuing to feature at the Prayagraj Fort Wall every day, since December.