Best Beer Cafes and Microbreweries in Gurgaon For The Thirsty Brew Seekers

With the microbrewery culture brewing up in Gurgaon, the city has earned quite a reputation for being a beer hub. No weekend is complete without quaffing a mug of beer with a bunch of friends. Brought to you here are the best microbreweries in Gurgaon which are known for their emphasis on quality, flavour, and brewing technique. Beer is undoubtedly the best thing ever created by man. So if you ever feel like sudsing up, you now know which places to go.


Vapour Bar Exchange

Vapour Bar Exchange is the bar which excels in the art of brewing, serving a variety of draught beers ranging from blonde, dark, lite, and wheat. The liveliness and the amazing service of this place also make it stand out, apart from the fine quality beer. The place also hosts DJ nights for you to tap your feet along. So get ready to party and dance all night long.

Where: Sector 29, Gurgaon.
Pint of Beer: INR 199

From their Facebook page

Downtown- Diners & Living Beer Cafe

If you are a fan of wheat beer, then Downtown is the place to be. Be it heavy drinkers or the first timers, there’s everything for all kinds of beer lovers. The place has got a really good place for dining. To set the game, they have set Xbox and other games for people to enjoy while they gulp their beers. The appetizers the place serves compliment well with the beer.

Where: 34, Leisure Valley Road, Near Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sector 29.
Pint of Beer: INR 255


7 Degrees Brauhaus

As soon as you enter in, you will notice huge copper vessels connected to each other giving you the feel of a German brewery since ‘Brauhaus’ means beer house in German. The brewery is a hotspot for all the beer lovers in the town. Do not miss out on their signature Bavarian brews. Why 7 degrees? Because it signifies an ideal temperature in Germany to have the beer.

Where: South Point Mall, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon
Pint of Beer: INR 415

From their official website

Manhattan Brewery and Bar Exchange

The urban brewery and pub is where you can come to hang out with your friends. The ambience of this place is absolutely electrifying. It is one of the largest and finest breweries in India. Plus, they play awesome music and host stand-up gigs which add more fun to the overall experience. They also have a great variety of appetizers on their menu to have with your drinks. The signature German wheat beer is a popular pick here.

Where: Global Foyer Mall, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon
Pint of Beer: INR 255

By Gagandeep Singh

The Beer Cafe

This indeed is a self-proclaimed, ‘the beeriest place in town’. With around 50 varieties of beer, this is the largest chain in India that has a lot to offer in terms of craft beer. Though not a microbrewery, The Beer Cafe is where you can get draught beer imported from 17 countries. The beer tastes fresh in taste and will definitely quench your thirst for beer. Try the German draught beer here.

Where: DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon
Pint of Beer: INR 145- 350

From Official Facebook Page of The Beer Cafe

Molecule Air Bar and Cafe

As the name suggests they mix science with gastronomy. You will be swayed away with the ambience of this place when you enter in. The rooftop bar is perfect to spend an evening with your friends. The interiors are designed with themes of molecular chemistry. They have an array of interesting cocktails apart from the beer if you are looking for a unique experience. The appetizers here are also worth trying. Try Paan-tini and Kala Khatta.

Where: Sector-29, Gurgaon.
Pint of Beer: INR 125


ADDA by Striker

Be it a hangout with friends or after office beer with your boss, this is the place to have some booze. With its wooden furniture and terrace dining, it makes it quite appealing for the ambience. Of course, there is special ‘ADDA Craft Brew’ available in three fresh flavours: Premium, Wheat, and Dak. The place serves tantalizing Mexican and finger food to gulp down with your beer.

Where: Sector 29, Gurgaon.
Pint of beer: INR 165
From their Facebook page

‘Beer is a proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.’ Touche! What else could you ask for when you have got the best 
microbreweries in Gurgaon. You have found your guide to best watering holes. You know where you are going to party this weekend.