Nag Panchami 2019: 5 Most Amazing Snake Temples of India

India is a land where festivals are an essential part and celebrations are always around the corner. Nag Panchami is one of the unique festivals celebrated in India in which people worship snakes. They have a special place and significance in Hindu Mythology so much so that they are considered as deities. On this auspicious occasion, travellers must visit some of the major snake temples in India. Come, take a look:

1. Bhujang Nag Temple, Gujarat:

Legends say that Bhujiya Fort located on the outskirts of Bhuj is dedicated to the last Naga Clan Bhujanga. Later on, locals built a temple on the Bhujiya hills in their memory. Every year, during Nag Panchami, a fair is held around the Bhujang Naga Temple.

2.  Nagaraja Temple, Tamil Nadu:

Adorned with multiple intricate statues of serpents and deities, this snake temple is located in Nagercoil town of Tamil Nadu. This temple has two main deities – Krishna and Nagaraja. The Nagaraja idol is represented as a five-headed serpent god. According to the legends, once a girl accidentally hit a five-headed serpent while cutting grass. The girl reported the incident to the villagers and they built a shrine at that place.

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3. Kukke Subramanya Temple, Karnataka:

At Kukke Subramanya Temple, Lord Subramanya, Lord Vasuki and Lord Shesha are worshipped. It is surrounded by picturesque Kumara Parvatha Peak and is situated at the banks of Kumaradhara River. It is said that Lord Vasuki and other snakes took refuge in the caves at Subramanya. Devotees suffering from Kal Sarpa Dosha visit the temple to get rid of it.

4. Mannarasala Temple, Kerala:

One of the largest snake temples in India, Mannarasala Temple is located in Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Lord Nagaraja, the king of serpents. There are around 30,000 marvellous stone snake idols and images within its compound leading to the temple. It is said that the temple is 3,000 years old. There is a tradition to visit this temple by newly-wed and childless couples for a happy and prosperous life.

5. Naganathaswamy Temple, Tamil Nadu:

Located in Thirunageswaram of Tamil Nadu, Naganathaswamy Temple is famous for its Lord Shiva temple. The presiding deity is Ketu. It is believed that the mythological snakes Dakshan, Adishesha and Kaarkotakan used to worship Lord Shiva at this temple.

This Sawan, visit these powerful temples and receive the blessings of the Snake Deity!