Personality Traits Of NRIs Visiting India

Who doesn’t love their Canada wali aunty who brings a bag full of cosmetics, chocolates and gifts for everyone in the house? Who doesn’t love their U.S. wale uncle who often tells you to come visit him and shares his tales about the Hollywood? Well, everyone does and why won’t we– after all, America is a unanimous dream!

Anyone and everyone in India who hasn’t been out of India is in love with anyone and everyone who has been.America is the place to be. Half of India is either in Canada or gulf, especially the ones who did not make it to the states. But hey, once they become NRI, they are not that easy to deal with. They throw tantrums just like our mother throws questions at us when we are late to home. For what it’s worth, NRIs not only come to their motherland with gifts, but also with an awful lot of drama!

  1. Reverse Cultural Shock1
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    Having trouble in re-adapting with things. Eating with hands? Hell, no!
  2. Cheap travel, still hate it
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    The cost of travelling is dust as compared to U.S. / U.K- yet the cribbing.
  3. Only sparkling water / bottled water
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    Of course! What doesn’t sparkle, ain’t water.
  4. Daily runs for toilet paper
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    Wash or Wipe?
  5. Hot Indian spicy food
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    Haiyoo rabba !
  6. Compare everything in dollars
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    Oh! That cookie for 1200 rs. That’s like 20$. I’ll buy 10.
  7. An accent that doesn’t belong to India and neither to the country they come from
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    Yew brada! Weh yeaw chillin?
  8. Suddenly a weird fascination for labels
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    Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Louis Vuitton. . .
  9. Tissue. Tissue. Tissue.
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    Tissues in car, tissues in handbag, tissues at home. EVERYWHERE.
  10. Stray animals are dangerous than anacondas on the streets
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    According to them, superheroes in India save us from cows and dogs, and not from dinosaurs or anaconda.
  11. Using credit card at every shop
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    Madam, 50 rs for chaat. Okay, here’s my card bhaiya!
  12. Check % of fat before buying everything
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    Because diet coke and cheeseburgers are so healthy!
  13. They don’t understand basic Hindi anymore. Seek explanation every time
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    Can you really forget your own language after spending few years in a foreign land?
  14. Retching guts out, regardless of whatever they eat
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    Don’t know why?
  15. Hard core Bollywood fans
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    Yo Yo Honey Singh! FTW!
  16. They completely forget the algorithm of remembering relatives
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    Hello, I am your aunt’s sister’s daughter’s third cousin. Nice to meet you.
  17. Love-hate relationship with Mcdonald’s
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    Won’t eat Mcdonald’s in states, won’t eat anything other than Mcdonald’s in India.
  18. Crazy for Indian Weddings
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    If your photographer misses any moment, don’t worry, your NRI relatives must have captured it in their iPad.
  19. Love to bargain, still terrible at it
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    Talk about the bargain!

What else did you notice? Let us know what sides of your beloved NRI friends or relatives you have seen, and we shall laugh together!

About the author:

Shewali loves to cook. She is mostly travelling; if not blabbering or gorging. That’s all folks!