Prague: Picture-perfect in Every Frame

Prague is so picturesque that it often becomes impossible to separate between reality and fantasy. It is easy to lose track of time around so much beauty and so many wonders.

Come, daydream with us as we turn the pages of Prague’s picture book!

The Charles Bridge

Stride along this 14th-century stone bridge upon a lazy, languid river for the most awe-inspiring vistas of the city.


Prague Castle

An extraordinary example of Renaissance architecture in Europe! The castle is a setting for many Czech fairy tales; also numerous myths and fantasies.


Old Town Square

Have a seat, take a stroll and be a part of the harmonical humdrum of the city’s Old Town Square.

town sq

Prague Astronomical Clock

Tells many tales in each tick! The city’s oldest timekeeper comes with a frightful legend – If it’s neglected, doom will supposedly befall the city.


Church of Our Lady

The highlight of Prague’s scintillating skyscape!  Thanks to the Church of Our Lady, the city got its nickname ‘The City of Hundred Spires’.

church old lady

360° Panorama

Beautiful on all sides, but you can’t beat the ‘top’ view!


Street Cafes

You would not want to, but you got to rest your feet sometime or fill that belly! Funnily, you’ll sit and gape in awe at everything around than eat or rest.


The Lesser Town – Mala Strana

All you need to do is to cross the river and you land in a place equally pristine – Mala Strana!

Mala Strana

Timelapse: Sunrise, Evening, Sunset, Night

By day or by nightfall, whether it’s sunny, whether it’s snowy – Prague makes every colour shine a bit brighter and every season all the more blissful.

A Seraphic Sunrise


An Enchanting Evening


A Scintillating Sunset


Bright and Lovely: Prague Nights


Through the Seasons: Summer, Autumn, Winter

Surreal Summer Days


Heavenly Hues: Autumn Views


Pure and Pristine: Wondrous Wintertime


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