Railways Relaxes Ticket Cancellation Rules for Trains Between March 21-June 21

The Railways has relaxed train ticket cancellation rules for journeys between 21st March and 21st June. The relaxation in cancellation and refund rules is applicable on PRS counter generated tickets.

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This is being done to prevent overcrowding at railway stations so that travellers do not have to rush to get their cancelled tickets refunded amid the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

New train ticket refund rules in 5 points:

-The relaxation is applicable for passengers who have voluntarily cancelled their tickets as well as passengers with tickets booked in a train that has been cancelled.

-For trains that have been cancelled by Railways for the travel period between 21st March and 21st June 2020, refund across the counter can be taken on submission of tickets up to three months after the date of travel. (Instead of the existing rule of 3 days)

-If the ticket has been cancelled by the passenger, then TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt) can be filed within three months from date of the journey. (Instead of the existing rule of 3 days)

-The TDR can be submitted to CCO/ CCM Refunds/Claims office to get the refund within 60 days of the filing of TDR, subject to verification from the train chart. (Instead of the existing rule of 10 days)

-All cancellation rules for e-tickets remain the same since passengers do not need to come to the station to get a refund on their tickets.

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