Romantic Destinations Around The World

Candlelit dinners, walks along secluded beaches, moonlit boat rides, or cuddling under a sunset – following romantic destinations around the world are bound to make you want all that and more!


Bali, Indonesia

Nothing accentuates romance more than the picturesque scenery, white sandy beaches, vibrant culture, and dense jungles of Bali. Indulge in a couple’s massage or take a walk along the sandy shores – a romantic escapade is definitely one of the best reasons to visit Bali.



Cinque Terre, The Italian Riviera

A car-free zone, cobbled footpaths, impregnable cliffsides, and medieval fortresses make sure that the 5 islands of Cinque Terre remind you of your favourite romance novel. Enjoy the Sun, sand, wine, and the pure, unadulterated view!


Rajasthan, India

A little romance, a little old world charm, and a lot of royalty – Rajasthan is definitely puts India at its exotic best. Lose yourself among the ornately designed havelis, ride a camel into the sun-kissed desert, or hop onto the luxurious Palace on Wheels to have a lifetime experience.


Paris, France

What is crazy love if it does not include a proposal at the Eiffel Tower in Paris? Explore the “city of romance”  on foot, for its quaint cafés, narrow streets, and quirky locals. The surreal beauty and charm of Paris is reason enough for it to be one of the most romantic destinations around the world.


Kerala, India

The mesmerizing beauty of the tea-covered hills, pristine white beaches, and coconut groves make Kerala a paradise for couples. Cruise down the backwaters in a luxurious houseboat or indulge in one of the renowned ayurvedic massage session – you cannot go wrong with romance here!


Mürren, Switzerland

We all fell in love with the breathtaking beauty of Switzerland when we saw Shahrukh Khan and Kajol romancing on the snow-capped mountains in DDLJ. The village of Mürren is picture-perfect and can be reached only by a cog railway or cable car. The secluded location, hiking trails and skiing locations are perfect for a romantic weekend.


Santorini, Greece

What spells romance if not the deep blue sea against whitewashed buildings atop an active volcano in the middle of the sea. Whether it’s a view of the sunset from your private terrace or the glorious, azure sea from your luxurious yacht, Santorini definitely tops the list of the ultimate romantic experiences.


Kyoto, Japan

Come spring and the streets of Kyoto lined with the beautiful cherry blossoms become a sight to behold. Take a boat ride along the cherry blossom lined canal or visit the ancient pagodas or just relax and soak in the silence at the Zen temples.


Havelock Islands, India

Known for one of the best snorkeling experiences in India, Havelock Island is a dream destination for couples with its snow-white beaches, tropical forests and beautiful starlit skies. Take a dip with the ocean-swimming elephants or go all out for a kayaking experience – these unique experiences are sure to make you fall in love again!


The Seychelles

Looking for a deep-sea fishing experience, secluded resorts, hiking trails, and a beautiful azure sea with your special someone?This breathtaking island of Seychelles off the southern coast of Africa is all you want for a romantic getaway like no other.


What could be better than visiting these romantic destinations around the world, you ask? Never have to leave these amazingly beautiful places!