Second ‘Shahi Snan’: Over 3 Crore Pilgrims to Take Holy Dip Today

More than 3 crore devotees from all over the world have arrived at the Kumbh Mela 2019 for the second ‘Shahi Snan‘ or auspicious dip on ‘Mauni Amavasya’ today.

Fact: Mauni Amavasya is the most significant of all the sacred bathing days.

Kumbh Mela officer Vijay Kiran Anand said, “By Sunday morning, over 1 crore devotees had already taken holy dip in the Sangam. The crowd is swelling with each passing hour and we are expecting about 3 crore devotees. As many as 40 ghats have been prepared for bathing in a stretch of 8 kilometres.”

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Security at Kumbh has been tightened to deal with any kind of emergency. Over 40 police stations, 43 fire stations, 15 sub-fire stations, 96 control watchtowers and 40 fire watchtowers have been set up. Also, the entire area is under surveillance of 440 CCTV cameras.

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Even the entry of vehicles have been restricted in the 32,000-acre of Kumbh Nagri. The administration is also running over 500 shuttle buses for the devotees to make their way from several parts of Prayagraj to Kumbh.

Note: The Kumbh Mela witnesses a total of 3 ‘Shahi Snans’. The first one already took place on January 15 and the second ‘Shahi Snan’ is today and the last one is on February 10.