Steps To Drive Safely This Winter!

Cold, cosy nights, warm blankets and hot chocolate. Sounds so comfortable right? But what if you have to drive or travel during the blizzard winter condition? Sounds scary? Don’t worry, we are here to help you with some tips to drive safely this winter.


Snowfall is really picturesque but it can be very dangerous when it falls on your car while you are driving, especially at night. So try keeping the snow off your car specially from the windows, lights, mirror and reflectors.


Be very very cautious on bridges or if you travelling to some hill station because these areas are commonly very slippery during winters. But a trip to the Indian hill stations is worth the risk.

shutterstock_234414556For a better view of the roads drive with the headlights on as roads during winters are really slippery. Do make sure to check on the windshield wipers too.


To reduce the risk of any mechanical breakdown during your journey during winters make sure the maintenance of your car is up-to-date. You wouldn’t want to get down from your car when it’s freezing, right?

shutterstock_115780438If you are travelling to a place where heavy snow is a common thing, then try installing winter tyres and ensure that the tyres are properly inflated and are in good condition.


Always make sure that your car heater is working properly because you don’t want to be cold inside your car.

shutterstock_242322547While you start your journey do check your car battery. No matter how new your car battery is, it can get cold enough to shut down your car.


Before you plan your trip this winter do check on the weather condition of that place from internet or weather sites. But avoid driving/travelling in blizzard condition.


Do ensure that your car tank is full because the bad weather can lead to blocked roads which might even close down. Also, always keep your phone charged for any help!

shutterstock_258296363Winterise your car for this winter!


Clothes: Carry enough sweaters, gloves and so on to keep yourself warm.


Blankets: Very important to carry when you travelling this winter!


First-aid kit: You cannot expect help in bad weather condition so try keeping a first-aid box with you.


Waterproof matches: To light a bonfire or for any other purpose, waterproof matches are very important.


Carry non-perishable snacks: Carry energy bars and some water bottles because you should never trust the weather god. And don’t forget to enjoy the regional winter drinks when you visit a new place this winter.

Flashlight and batteries: You cannot trust your car lights neither can you trust the lights on the road, so to be safe carry a flashlight and some extra batteries with you.

Ice scraper/small shovel/toolkit: Help might not be near when the weather is bad. So be your own hero and carry the necessary equipment and save the day yourself!


Additional tip: Carry a bright colored cloth. Why? Because when you travel and your car is stuck, you can tie the cloth on your car for help or for other speeding cars to slow down to avoid accidents.


These were some tips to drive safely this winter. In case you don’t wish to drive, hire a cab! Ixigo cab app is here to help you anytime anywhere. Safe travelling folks and yes, happy winters!


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