Stuck in the Waiting Lounge? Check Out These Short Movies!

As much as we all like travelling, we also dislike waiting—be it for our friends to meet us at the airport or for our trains and flights. But what if some entertainment could be added to the waiting games? 

Here are five short (~90 minutes) but incredible movies you can watch while stuck in the waiting lounge. 

  1. Run Lola Run
  2. A Quiet Place
  3. Before Sunrise
  4. Zombieland 
  5. The Lion King

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Run Lola Run

Are you intrigued by time loop stories? If yes, Run Lola Run would be the perfect choice for you to kill time. Released in 1998, this German film is about a botched money delivery, after which Lola has 20 minutes to save her boyfriend’s life. She also needs to come up with 100,000 Deutschmarks in the same time frame. Too much for 20 minutes, right? The movie, however, runs for 80 minutes.

If the plot sounds familiar, it’s because the film was recently remade in Hindi as Loop Lapeta, starring Taapsee Pannu and Tahir Raj Bhasin. 

A Quiet Place

If horror is your cup of tea, look no further than this thrill ride. Starring and directed by John Krasinski (who played Jim Halpert in The Office), this post-apocalyptic tale is about a family trying to survive a worldwide attack by aliens. What sets these aliens apart? Well, they cannot see or smell but if you make the slightest noise, you’ll be taken! 

The movie also has a sequel which was released in 2021. Sounds interesting, right? Go stream it on Netflix right now and you’ll be transported for 90 minutes. 

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Before Sunrise

More of a romantic? We’ve got you covered with this 1995 Richard Linklater flick. Clocking at 101 minutes, Before Sunrise is about an American man and a French woman who meet on a train in Europe. It might not sound like a lot but this movie is driven more by its dialogues and performances than its plot. 

A beautiful postmodern romance, Before Sunrise also has two sequels that are set almost a decade apart from each other. Dive into Jesse and Celine’s world and forget everything else for the next one and a half hours. 


Spanning across 88 minutes and containing an impressive star cast, Zombieland is a must watch for everyone who is remotely interested in cinema. This zom-com follows four characters who hop on a journey together to find safety from zombies who have overtaken the United States. 

While it sounds like a simple plot, Zombieland is a funny film that’ll captivate you with its banter, road trippy feels, pop culture references and memorable characters. 

The Lion King

We end this list with a classic, animated gem. Alluding to Biblical tales as well as William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, this film is about an uncle trying to steal the throne from his nephew. Simba, the rightful heir, is driven into exile when his father is killed. He comes back to claim what is rightfully his: the kingdom of Pride Lands. 

Featuring a great story, a stellar voice cast and unforgettable music all under 90 minutes, The Lion King is for anyone and everyone. So, to sum up: Hakuna Matata! 😀 

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