Tatkal Tickets Are Now 50% Refundable

This year is being plain brilliant for travelers. Not just one, but Indian Railways is giving 3 major reasons to ease the tension off travelers mind. With a complete 360 shift from pain to comfort, Indian Railways are being a charmer of late.

As per the latest schedule and new guidelines that are formulated in the favor of its passengers, Indian Railways is set to offer you three major relaxation that will change the course of traveling for an average passenger.

  1. Tatkal Tickets Are Now 50% Refundable
    The % of refund would be calculated based on time frames.
  2. Reservations For AC Class Will Commence From 10 am – 11 am
    Now you know, when to do it!
  3. Reservations For Non-AC Class Will Commence From 11 am- 12 am
    Guess, this was the only way to manage the humongous traffic.

The idea behind this is to ensure passenger’s comfort and reduce hazel during peak hours. With close to 3 crore hits in a day, IRCTC is taking care of colossal audience at a time and dividing them into two can do the benefit for both the parties.

As for the refund, according to the officials, if a passenger applies for refund in a particular time frame, he or she will be refunded accordingly. These refunds are also available on premier trains and shall go up to 50%. These trains (Premium) will itself go under some transformation for making them more suitable and then naming them Suvidha.

The department indents to put an end to all the oddity.

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