Thanda Thanda Cool Cool

“My head says go to the gym, my heart says eat more ice cream”– By all ice cream lovers.
Hey, yes, I am talking to you! Are you going through a breakup, miffed with your boss? Or just annoyed with everything around you. Whatever be your problem, I have a solution for you to lift your spirits. Yes, you guessed it right, I am talking about ‘ice cream’ here! I bring you 5 unique ice creams in India that will freeze your brain in a really good way. Go try, slurp!


The White Owl, Mumbai

Why should kids have all the fun? Yes, popsicles made of freshly brewed beer. Served with crumbled butter-cookies, the popsicles are a delight for dessert lovers. So go back to being a kid in an adult way. Cheers!

Flavor: Beer Popsicles

Uniqueness: What more can you ask for? A chilled beer? Naah, a frozen beer popsicle my friend!

Price: INR 195 onwards


Cherry Comet, Gurgaon

There are several ice cream parlours in India, but what if I tell you that you can have Horlicks with ice cream? Yes that’s the combination you get once you step inside Cherry Comet.
Trust me, the crunchiness of Oreo cookies on the Horlicks ice cream is what you need this summer. And to top it, the interior of the place is similar to the Dexter’s laboratory.

Unique flavor: Horlicks Hustle

Uniqueness: The place has the concept of nitrogen ice cream, where it gets made right in front of your eyes.

Price: INR 136 onwards


Mezzo Mezzo, Marriott Mumbai

So now you are thinking, what more can come on your plate? Well, here is one more specimen of unique ice creams in India which is–bacon and olive oil served in Mezzo Mezzo. Yes, you read it right! The ice cream contains bacon for a double delicious impact. I guess sweet dreams are made of these as well.

Flavor: Bacon And Olive Oil

Uniqueness: The ice cream is homemade with hand-churned olive oil and it contains chunks of bacon. I don’t think I need to say any more. Period!

Price: Don’t bother just go grab it! Add a line about the price


Berry’d Alive, Bengaluru

Imagine having a moist and crusty tart that is filled with vanilla ice cream and caramel layer and chocolates on top. Sounds dreamy right? Well, it will surely make your tongue go swirl. Berry’d Alive is an amazing place which has unique creations for all ice cream lovers.

Flavor: Chocolate Caramel Tart

The taste and presentation of the ice cream will bring out the child in you.

Price: INR 170 onwards


Cream Stone, Hyderabad

If chocolate is what you live for, then my friend you are at the right place. When two scoops of chocolate ice cream are mixed with choco flakes, chocolate pastry and dark choco fudge, it creates a totally unique and delicious frozen delight! And not to forget the ice cream is even topped with choco stick. Too much chocolaty right?

Flavor: Willy Wonka

Uniqueness: The unique flavors of ice creams are made on a cold stone.

Price: INR 125 onwards

Your brain got freezed in a good way right? Told you! So now what are you waiting for? These unique ice creams in India will surely make your summer cool again. Go grab some frozen delight and keep us posted. Happy summers!