How To Survive In A New City

Visiting a new city can be pretty stressful with all the negative thoughts hovering over you–what, where, when, how and why! Keep calm and read through to know more on how to survive in a new city.

Public transport

Commuting is a big problem, specially when you don’t know how to move across the city hassle-free. Do your homework well and figure what public transport options are available for you to be able to commute conveniently from one point to the other.


Be a local

If you have relatives in the city, visit them and know more about the city just to get rid off the “stranger tag”. If not, interact with the locals and get insights on the city (any specific thing you should take care of or what you should be doing and what not etc.).


Safe neighbourhood

Don’t forget to pick a safe neighbourhood/locality when deciding on a house. We are sure you wouldn’t want to live in a place that’s unsafe for you or is in the news for robberies and other crime stories.


Say NO to comfort zone

It is very difficult to come out of one’s comfort zone, we know! But making efforts and trying things you haven’t done before makes you a better person. Overcome your fears and start doing things on your own–cooking, cleaning and most importantly exploring a new city as a solo traveller.


Smart apps

We all carry smart phones these days. Download all the useful apps to navigate the city better. Be it hotels, cabs, nearby restaurants or places of interest, these apps let you know each and everything about your “preferred city”.


Connection is a must

Stay connected with your family and friends over calls/emails. This will help you not feel homesick. In fact, share your new experiences and all that you have done in the city whenever you get a chance to speak with them. This will keep your spirits high and you won’t feel alone at all.


Research a bit

Do a bit of research and make a note of all the events and concerts happening in the city. Party, socialise and make new friends to create new memories that’ll last for a lifetime. That’s what most of the travellers do; trust us and it’ll be so much fun!


Plan as per your budget

Keep a check on your budget as most of us don’t realise and end up overspending on “not so important” things. Staying in a budget accommodation and talking public transport (autos/buses/metro) does help in saving a lot of money. Don’t forget to read on how to travel within your budget.


Local food

For food you can always explore the local eating joints that don’t cost a bomb. Also, you can check with the locals about best places to eat in the city and pamper yourself while you are away from your delicious home cooked food.


Learn basic greetings

And how can we forget communication–the most important thing! If you think mastering another language is a huge task, learn jargons and basic greetings to help yourself. The best thing to do would be to install a local language translator app on your phone that lets you comprehend any foreign language.


Now that you know these tips on how to survive in a new city, breathe in, breathe out, pack your bags and head to your prefered destination for a memorable experience.

About the author:

Pritha Manchanda loves to play with words. Simplicity and creativity comes naturally to her! That sums up all.