The Gear Guide Real Bikers Swear By

Bikers are too often, too awesome. Is it the bikes that make them cool or is it just the cool people who opt for biking; whatever the case be, biking has witnessed the gut of a hardcore traveller, the wit of a wanderer and the charm of endless roads.

Who doesn’t love riding? Only timid souls, who do not wish to fear or taste the wind; thus, more people are getting into biking. With every passing day, the number of biker activities are increasing and this brings us to the most imperative question of all; are we safe on the roads?

Vowing to follow the stringent norms of road safety stands alone as a far cry. Biking gears, however, do not seem so far from affluence. In fact, biking gears make your ride comfortable and secured. Your hands don’t itch or hurt, your eyes aren’t teary and all falls aren’t as hurtful as they ought to be.


Biker’s accessories are an integral part of a biker’s ride. Starting from a helmet, hand gloves, face shield, boots and everything else that makes the biking experience more comfortable and safe- biker should have it all. Here’s a list of gears;

  1. Helmet– Most imperative of all gears for a biker. A protective and educated biker will never ignore this. It protects you from a head injury, windblast, cold and flying objects. Needless to say how dangerous it is to ride without a protection over your head. Slightest of injuries can lead to fatal repercussions.
  2. Face shield – Any rider who’s been hit in the face by stones, insects or debris can tell you how beneficial this is. Those who ride sans face shield are the ones who are often caught with unwanted debris on their face and in their eyes. Not just for hygiene, but sometimes these tiny particles can cause great trouble.
  3. Gloves – Gloves keep your hands protected and comfortable. Human hands are not genetically evolved to withstand such abrasion and thus gloves protect them to a great extent, causing less harm.
  4. Jacket and pant– These two will combine to put your hands and legs in safety. It will resist abrasion, sunburn, windburn thus making you less vulnerable. Exposing one’s hand and feet is likely to make them prone to accidents.
  5. Boots– Cover your feet and reduce the chances of any ankle injury. It also facilitates a good grip on footpegs and road surfaces. Those naive bikers who tend to ride around with bare feet put their toes, ankle, and feet in contact with road surfaces, consequently leading to a deadly aftermath.

Crux:  Someone riding without all these gears signifies how carelessly they handle something which can jeopardize their life forever. Riding a bike may appear easy, but it mostly keeps you unguarded and these gears reduce the chances of any mishap. Well equipped with all the gears will empower you and protect you while you bustle on the road. Comfort and efficiency go hand in hand.

About the author:

Shewali loves to cook. She is mostly travelling; if not blabbering or gorging. That’s all folks!