The Prism of Dreams! Places in India that look like a Rainbow

We know India as a land of multiple cultures, huge population, spices and so on but among all these things, our USP is the beautiful spread of colours through landscapes. Just like our popular spices, these colours are roaring, fine-drawn, loopy, mellifluous, toned down, etc. Are you aware of the most colourful places in India? Well, if not, we have created a list of destinations that are as bright and vivid as a rainbow.

Sikkim- Buddhist Prayer Flags

sikkim final
Aged and novel, yellow, white and red, the Buddhist prayer flags at Sikkim carries prayers of various people that visit this land. Spreading colour and glamour, these flags dance with the wind and are spread across the entire town. These flags stand for wisdom, peace and compassion.

Uttrakhand- The Valley of Flowers


Quite precisely and, metaphorically, this national park will take you high. To reach the Valley of Flowers, you need to trek but the final destination is worth your efforts. You will be awestruck by its landscape which is home to 300 plus different varieties of alpine flowers with a backdrop of snow-capped mountains.

Jodhpur- The Blue City


Nothing defines ‘love at first sight’ as beautifully as the city of Jodhpur. Visit the ferocious Mehrangarh fort and fall in the love with the colour ‘blue’. With sun smiling over the beautiful snake-like streets of Jodhpur, it is definitely a sight to behold.

Kerala, Munnar

Munnar is the largest tea-growing region of South India and with its beautiful terrains and exceptional landscape, this destination should definitely be on your bucket list. Forming a cluster of colours with its emerald-tea plantations, whirls of white mist, purple neelakurinji flowers, Munnar is not only soothing to the eyes but also to the soul.

Srinagar- Dal Lake


A view that will leave you wonderstruck- clean, clear sheet of water embraced by gorgeously painted shikaras floating is just impressive. Visit this place to witness the surreal beauty, the magical surroundings and of course to shop at the floating market.

Colours are like music for eyes. And with these destinations, you can experience some amazing visual symphonies. Relish this beauty and get set to be mesmerized.