The Traditions & Taboos! Top 10 Facts About The Chinese New Year

Marking its glory today, the Chinese New Year is the most celebrated holiday in China. Also known as the ‘Spring Festival’ or ‘Chujie’, the festival marks the beginning of the new year on the traditional Chinese calendar.

Here are 10 interesting facts about this festival–

1- The Spring Festival causes the largest human migration in the world. Almost three billion journeys are made by plane, train, bus or car in the lead up to Chinese New Year.

2- Chinese New Year is celebrated all around the world.

3- Children receive lucky money in red envelopes.

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4- Dumplings are a part of every meal, every day

5- The event ends with the Lantern Festival

6- No matter when your birthday is, you grow 1 year older on the Spring Festival

7- Everything is decorated in red for the festival

8- There is wine, specifically for the Spring Festival

9- Desserts served during the festival has special meanings

10- Singles hire fake boyfriends/girlfriends to take back home