Trains may stop serving soups, sandwiches. Know why!

Train meals will not be the same anymore! With an increase in the complaints about the standard and quality of train food, IRCTC has planned to adopt the criteria of quality over quantity which may remove some popular items off your plate.

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What may happen:

>  Around 150g will be removed from each plate which includes soup, breadsticks, butter, and sandwiches.
>  Instead of chicken pieces, boneless chicken gravy may be provided for non-vegetarian meals.
>  Vegetarian or non-vegetarian rice combo will be offered instead of full course meals.
>  This change will first reflect on premium trains like Shatabdi and Rajdhani.

The reason behind this move:

The average Indian diet for a meal is 750 grams, whereas a train meal serves  900 grams. Moreover, IRCTC is facing a considerable loss as the cost of a full meal is around Rs 150, while a passenger is only  charged Rs 112 per plate.

So, once these measures are implemented by IRCTC, the quality of food could be maintained.