PNR Prediction – A must try feature for all train travellers!

PNR prediction is one of the most loved features of ixigo train app. Through this feature, travellers can know the probability of getting their tickets confirmed and whether they should book it or not (depending on the ticket availability parameters). If you travel by train very often, you can understand the dilemma of booking a waitlisted ticket. ixigo has simplified the life of the travellers by introducing the PNR prediction feature.



PNR Prediction

ixigo has collected data from over 10 million PNRs over the last two years for its PNR confirmation prediction feature. Over 50,000 PNR status checks and nearly 200,000 train information requests are done on ixigo app every day. This huge database helps the machine learning algorithms accuracy to go from the current 85% to 90% in coming days.

How To Use PNR Prediction Feature

Click on ‘Seat Availability’ and fill the source and destination stations. After choosing the date, click on show trains and you will land on the main train page. If the probability of ticket getting confirmed is showing more than 80%, then you can easily go forward and book your ticket. If it shows between 50 to 80%, then it depends on you whether you would want to take a chance or not.



But, if the probability prediction online is less than 50%, then you should definitely drop the idea of booking your train ticket on that particular date. To add to your convenience, there are many other options in the app you can choose from. You can book a flight ticket or get a bus ticket for yourself.


In case the tickets are booked

If you have already booked your ticket, click on the PNR status tab and check your PNR prediction. You can also search using IRCTC train number if you have that information. Click on availability tab and get to see the status of your ticket. Hope the information is helpful. If you have any other queries, please write to us at [email protected].

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