Travel Horoscope – Pisces

You might or might not believe in stars, you still can’t deny that you never read your horoscope. Perhaps, it was a casual glance in the morning newspaper’s daily horoscope section, or lending maybe half an ear to some RJ telling what not to do that day on the early morning show or an advertisement that yelled your sun sign by the roadside.


For all that I know, Linda Goodman was not anywhere near the word ‘vague’ when she penned down Sun Signs, citing traits that are more of a common thing for a certain sun sign.


So, while we hit the month for Pisces today, what can be better than giving them a travel horoscope for their birth month. Places that they are highly likely to fall in love with. Thus, here’s my pick for the dreamy, loves struck, water babies who are head over heels with anything that comes near artsy and creative.


Picking three destinations for you, Pisceans, I figured this travel horoscope for you –


Seychelles, for the Pisceans in love and dreams 

Photo Courtesy – Simisa

That one looks straight from a dream right? Well, this is how Seychelles looks when you are airborne. Secluded, charmingly beautiful and a world into its own, these tropical islands make for a perfect getaway for the dreamer and love struck people that Pisceans are. Cultural bazaars, eco-friendly diving facilities, Mediterranean cuisine are just some of the perks of Seychelles.


Photo Courtesy – Damian Gadal

Right from sailing to diving to fishing and watching the Sun go down the water here brims of a land that strikes the parallel between Peter Pan’s Neverland and Cindrella’s romance laden courtyards. This group of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean is a perfect pick for the Pisceans heading out in their birthday month. Lesser crowds is an added bonus.


Rome, for the Piscean art connoisseurs 

Photo Courtesy – Nika

This is the place that Elizabeth Gilbert fell in love with, immortalising it in words. Falling for the artsy side of Rome is not a tough one for it’s a museum all around. Any lane that you take, any fountain that you cross, any building that you pass – it’s all wonder work of some lesser Picasso. For the Pisceans that are ardently intrigued with anything that’s got an artsy side, with a childlike glee, Rome is more like a candy that is as amazing as its wrapper.


Photo Courtesy – Ryan Hyde

Writing of candy, I just remembered that Rome has got world’s best food (yes, I’m nodding my head as furiously as I can for this one)! The freshest of mozzarella, the greenest of salads, the softest of pasta and the CHEESIEST OF PIZZAS! There are delights in the food at Rome, taste it. Have a great birth month there. 


Varkala, for the water babies that Pisceans are!

Photo Courtesy – Salvatore Barbara

While Seychelles is, of course, a good bet for the water lovers, I discovered an able competitor to it nearer home. Varakala is supposedly one of the best kept secrets when it comes to beach destinations in India. Quire near Thiruvananthapuram, this hamlet is a great escape for the Pisceans who are happy anywhere as long as it’s somewhere near water. The gorgeous beach is largely a good place for solitude lovers. Plus, there’s the water spring, thousands of years old temples, Shivagiri Mutt and more to serve as the perfect getaway for your birthday month.


Photo Courtesy – Lukas Vacovsky

Add to it the delicious-from-forever Kerala cuisine and breathtaking cliffs, and you’re all set to go for a quick weekend trip. A perfect beach destination and break from the good, old Goa and its party hoppers, Varkala is as good as it can get for you. Go, surf.


Leaving you on that feel good, sand and sun note, I’ll now be off to scour for such interesting places for the next in line – the Aries.


Till then, happy travelling. 


About the Author

Shikha Gautam loves to play with steering wheels, roads, words, flute and guitar among other things. Not necessarily in that order! You can contact her on twitter @ShikhaGautam