‘Hatke’ Valentines Date Ideas

If you’re one of those who are simply tired of the gift-movie-fancy dinner regime every Valentine’s Day, this post is just for you! This Valentines Day, show a new side to your Valentine, with an unconventional and different Valentine’s Date! Here’s a list of the most unique Valentines Day Date ideas:


Go Skydiving


Photo Credits: Ann W


Hug each other, declare your love at 10,000ft in the sky and then, jump to the grounds! If you are a couple that loves action and drama, there’s nothing better to do this Valentines Day. It’s got the rush, the thrills and qualifies as a larger than life experience! What more would you want! Plan the details here!


Cruise around in a Limo


Photo Credits: Blobby Palm


This Valentines Night, surprise her by making your grand appearance in a Limo! Live the life of the movies, sink into the comfortable seats, pop a bubbly, nibble on exquisite chocolate and just wander in the streets, only in complete luxury! This one, will make for a memorable evening. Plan here.


Spread Some Love


While buying chocolates and roses on Valentines Day is completely mainstream, gifting them to the elderly at an old age home or underprivileged children is not. This V’Day, do something different, plant a seed of hope for the world and celebrate love and kindness!


Be a Tourist in your city


Photo Credits: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar


Even though taking a holiday on Valentines is soon growing to become mainstream, the idea of Being a Tourist in your own city is completely ‘hatke’. Chart out a detailed itinerary, check out that heritage monument you’ve never been to, ditch the car and take public modes of travel, eat at the small roadside eateries – gift your Valentine the joy of rediscovery.


Explore a Bird Sanctuary


Photo Credits: JM Garg

Photo Credits: JM Garg


There’s something undeniably romantic about the chirp of birds and quiet time in nature. Escape the world’s eye of scrutiny and get lost in the nearest Bird Sanctuary! What’s more, around this time is the best season for Bird Sighting! Find the nearest Bird Sanctuary in India here.


If the Bird Sanctuary is too far, just get yourself a couple birds from the nearest pet shop. Just as the sun is setting on the 14th, let them out of their cage, and watch them soar in the skies. The happiness in this tiny act is hard to doubt!


Armed with this list of ‘hatke’ date ideas, you’re all set to charm your loved one and make countless memories! Go ahead and experience your very own unique Valentines Day date!