Travel Smart..Travel Better! 9 Awesome Hacks You Need to Know

Travelling doesn’t have to be that complicated after all. However, sometimes even a vacation can stress you out, leaving you with the need of another holiday.

Well, put your worries away, we are here to help! Follow our list of some simple tips and tricks to make your international travel smooth and painless, saving your time, money and efforts. Let’s begin:

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Travel Hacks Before Leaving

  1. Pack Smart: Pack your stuff in a clever yet stylish way. To save a good amount of space, make sure you roll your clothes instead of folding them. To keep your loose cables and wires intact, keep them any old sunglasses case.
  2. Scan the Important Docs: Keeping an offline record of all your important documents before you leave is extremely important. Take a scanned copy of your passport, itinerary, bookings and identity proof on your email. This hack is extremely useful in case of any theft or mishap.
  3. Split the Cash: This hack is a saviour! Split your cash and put it in different places like wallet, check-in luggage, shoes, etc. This a great way to keep the money safe as losing all of your foreign currency on a vacation is not something very pleasant!

Travel Hacks For Departing

  1. Request for a “Fragile” sticker: This hack is super awesome and will definitely make you a better traveller! Request the airline staff to put a fragile sticker on your luggage (even if there are no fragile objects in your check-in luggage). Bags with this sticker are usually placed above all the other luggage and arrive first at the baggage claim conveyor belt.
  2. Keep an empty water bottle: Drop the idea of buying expensive water bottles at the airport! Although you are not allowed to carry water but you can always carry an empty water bottle and fill it once you are through the security.

Travel Hacks For Arrival

  1. Go directly to the baggage claim: It is weird how people just hang back after landing. Save this lingering around for some other place and rush directly to baggage claim.
  2. Use ATM: Use the ATMs and get the local currency, instead of giving extra fees to the money converters at the airport. Equip your debit or credit card with international usage to withdraw money easily.
  3. Use your phone without Internet: After crossing international borders, shelling out money for voice and data is painful. If you wish to avoid it, save local maps and use them offline. Also, don’t miss out on any chance to connect to the internet at a local cafe or pub.
  4. Eat local, save money: Leave McDonald’s and Burger King on your international trip! Savour the local cuisine of that place and save some bucks for a flavourful experience.

So, next time when you travel abroad, make sure you keep these travel hacks handy for a comfortable and wholesome vacation experience.