Travelling During Covid-19: 4 New Ways Railways Is Making Travel Safer

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, travel comes with certain risks. However, Indian Railways is ensuring that such risks are minimised. From practising social distancing on stations to installing contactless machines, they are doing it all to make travel hassle-free for its passengers. 

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Here are some of the new and innovative ways train travel is changing for the better, incorporating safety of everyone, from its staff to passengers. 

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Social Distancing is the way to go! 


In the COVID-19 era, the importance of social distancing cannot be stressed enough, and the national transporter is making sure that it is practised everywhere in a streamlined manner.

Use of contactless sensor-based machines! 

Railways have incorporated a wide variety of contactless machines. These include thermal scanners, ticket checking machines, sensor-based mask dispenser and so on. So next time you are planning a train journey, this is what to expect! 

Luggage sanitisation! 

We are living in the times when carrying a hand sanitiser is mandatory, and disinfecting surfaces comes naturally to us. Similarly, now, Indian Railways is regularly sanitising the stations and the luggage too!

Railway staff in PPE! 

Masks are mandatory for all, and one might not be allowed to board the train without it. Additionally, for the safety of everyone, the railway staff has been provided with their own Personal Protective Kit.

With all the safety precautions and infrastructural changes being implemented by the Indian Railways, it is essential that we too embrace these new and safe changes. Here’s wishing everyone a safe journey!