Vacation Mode On! Top International Destinations to Visit in November and December

Undoubtedly winter is the best season to plan a trip. And if that is so, then why should you limit yourself to same old hill stations like Manali, Shimla, etc.? This time explore something fancier, like a foreign trip, may be? Now that I assume you are nodding your head in approval of the idea, why don’t I give you a list of some of the best international destinations to visit during November and December! Take a look:



The party capital of the East is definitely a destination to look out for in the months of November and December. The weather is quite pleasant and the energy of the city seems to be at its peak during this time. You’d ask why! It’s because of the amazing nightlife, delicious food, busiest street markets, friendly people, and not to forget the approaching New Year’s Eve.




Discover Sydney, Australia’s famous harbour city and the capital of New South Wales. If you are a beach person and enjoy water sports, sea surfing and water parks, then come here during their summer time starting from December to early February. Now with Vodafone offering some amazing international roaming packs for Australia, choose any plan and enjoy unlimited data and calls overseas.


Bali, Indonesia

Close to our country, Bali can easily be tagged as one of the most picturesque islands of Indonesia. Trees ranging from banyan to clove, temples ageing from prehistoric to modern times, beautiful beaches (and the water/adventure sports that come with it) and the amazing seafood are all the things which define Bali in a nutshell. December onwards is the time when you can escape from the winter chills of India and enjoy the rains here in Bali.



Full of microclimates, Hawaii is a perfect destination to spend away your entire November or December vacation. Whether it’s relaxing on the beach or travelling to the mountains, this place has a pleasant culture and some picturesque views on display. Home to coastal plains, interior valleys, and mountain peaks, you must pack the best from your wardrobe to taste all the different flavours of climate, this place has to offer.


Switzerland, Europe

One of Europe’s famous tourist destinations, Switzerland is generally flocked by many American travellers. From outstanding best hotels to Heid-like mountain villages, you can witness a contrast of both the cultures, ancient as well as contemporary.


This is the time of the year when everyone feels like travelling and witnessing some of the best places that are home to exciting beach activities, sightseeing, mountain trails, snowfall, and other attractions. So, pack your bags and prepare a to-do-list of the best international destinations to visit during November and December.