Know about the 5 fastest trains introduced by Indian Railways

With the development of newer and better technology, trains are getting faster over time. For a train to be categorised as High-Speed Rail (HSR), it’s operational speed should not be less than 200 km/hour. The fastest train in India runs at a speed of 160 km/hour and is classified as a Semi High-Speed Train.

यह समाचार हिंदी में पढ़ें..

Here is the list of India’s fastest trains in commercial service, ranked by maximum speed:

Gatimaan Express

The inauguration of Gatimaan Express on 5th April, 2016 by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu ushered the future of semi-high speed trains in the country.

Maximum speed – 160 km/hour
Route – Delhi to Agra
Distance covered / time taken – 200 km in 100 minutes

Bhopal Shatabdi Express

Introduced in 1988, Bhopal Shatabdi Express is the second fastest train in the country. It is fully air-conditioned and has much higher standard as compared to most of the rail coaches.

Maximum speed – 155 km/hour
Route – New Delhi to Habibganj
Distance covered / time taken – 707 km in 440 minutes

Mumbai Rajdhani Express

Mumbai Rajdhani Express is a superfast express train of Rajdhani class. It is one of the most prestigious trains of Indian Railways.

Maximum speed – 140 km/hour
Route – Mumbai to New Delhi
Distance covered / time taken – 1384 km in 15 hours 42 minutes

Sealdah Duronto Express

Sealdah Duronto Express is the first and fastest Duronto Express to be launched till date. It comes under non-stop type of express trains and is the most time-efficient train on the Grand Chord route.

Maximum speed – 135 km/hour
Route – Sealdah to New Delhi
Distance covered / time taken – 1453 km in 16 hours 55 minutes

Kanpur Reverse Shatabdi

Kanpur Reverse Shatabdi is the fifth fastest train in the country. It follows the reverse timetable of Lucknow Shatabdi Express and is thereby called Reverse Shatabdi.

Maximum speed – 130 km/hour
Route – New Delhi to Kanpur
Distance covered / time taken – 437 km in 4 hours 55 minutes

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