Want to Get a Confirmed Train Ticket Booking? Check Out These 5 Hacks!

Travelling by the Indian Railways is convenient, hassle-free and often the best way to reach your destination, thanks to the vast network of the national transporter. However, getting a confirmed ticket on a train is often easier said than done. This is also why Railways has tatkal quota to help passengers get tickets at the last minute.

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However, did you know that there are certain tips and tricks you can try that will help you get a confirmed train ticket even without opting for tatkal quota at the last minute?

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Read on as we share with you the 5 hacks that will greatly increase your chances of getting a confirmed train ticket:

1. Book your train tickets on ixigo: While booking train tickets, you can find the cheapest tickets to your destination and enjoy a seamless booking experience only on ixigo. Along with that, you can also avail special discounts, get offline train running status, ixigo money and round-the-clock customer service.

2. Travel on weekdays: Since more people travel on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, getting a confirmed booking on these days becomes difficult. Therefore, to increase your chances of getting a confirmed train ticket, plan your journey on a weekday. 

3. Opt for OTP-less payment: You can save precious time while making a booking by opting for a payment method that does not require One-Time Password (OTP) such as UPI. Also, if you make your booking using UPI on ixigo, you will get your money back in your account in minutes in case of any booking failures with our smart instant refunds feature.

4. Check PNR status:
In case you do end up with a waitlisted ticket, make sure to always check the PNR status of your booking. This feature enables you to check if your seat is confirmed or not. If you check PNR status on ixigo, it will also give you an estimate of your ticket’s confirmation chances with the PNR prediction feature.

5. Look for alternative routes: One of the easiest ways to get a confirmed ticket is by taking an alternative route to the same destination. For example, if you are travelling to Ludhiana from Delhi, you can opt for a different route. Instead of going directly, take a train from Delhi to Chandigarh and then take another train to Bhatinda. While it will take more time, it will also greatly increase your chances of getting a confirmed ticket.

We hope that these useful tips will help you to get a confirmed train booking the next time you travel!