What Does RAC Status Mean in Indian Railways?

The word RAC stands for “Reservation Against Cancellation“. Travellers can choose from the various available quotas for IRCTC tickets and make an affordable train booking with ease. There are many terms which are widely used in the context of rail tickets, including those relating to classes, station codes and quotas. One of these acronyms is RAC. This article will explain what RAC means in railway. Scroll down to know all about it. 

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What does RAC mean?

First off, what does RAC stand for? RAC is an acronym for Reservation Against Cancellation. An RAC ticket allows a passenger to travel in a train but does not guarantee a berth. So, the next time you wonder about the RAC full form in railway, you’ll be ahead not only on the acronym but also on what it actually means for a traveller. 

If you have an RAC ticket, it means that you will have to share a berth with another passenger who is under the RAC quota. Another thing that RAC means in IRCTC is that you can get an empty berth in one of these scenarios: 

  • a last-minute cancellation happens for a Confirmed seat.
  • any quota remains unsold.

Are RAC and WL the same? 

WL stands for Waiting List. It’s not the same as an RAC booking because the RAC status meaning in train travel is that you can get half a berth. On the other hand, a passenger with a Waitlisted ticket does not get a seat. Even though an RAC ticket can be inconvenient, travellers prefer it over a WL ticket, especially in longer journeys or time-critical situations. 

When does an RAC ticket become Confirmed? 

A train ticket RAC means that you’re allowed in the coach and can share your berth. While it’s not a guarantee that these bookings will always convert to a Confirmed ticket, sometimes when a passenger with a Confirmed status does not show up, RAC quota travellers can get their own seat. So, the RAC full form in railway is literally what it signifies: when a Confirmed ticket passenger cancels their booking or does not board the train, the RAC passenger will get a berth in this scenario.

A noteworthy thing about having an RAC quota ticket is that sometimes it can change to Confirmed after chart preparation. So, what RAC means in railway ticket booking is that a traveller can avail half a seat and if luck is on their side, they may get a full berth to themselves. All isn’t lost with an RAC booking. 😀

Can I cancel an RAC ticket? 

Yes, you can cancel your RAC ticket. In case you do not wish to travel without a confirmed seat, you can opt for the cancellation process. A refund is issued if the RAC booking is cancelled at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the train. What RAC means in railway is that a cancellation charge will be levied but a passenger is permitted to cancel their booking within the aforementioned period. A refund is not permissible if the cancellation is requested less than 30 minutes prior to the train’s departure time.

How can I check my RAC ticket status? 

So far, we have told you the answer to the question: what does RAC mean?

Now, we move on to the next big question, which is how can one check the status of their RAC train ticket.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to check your RAC ticket status on the ixigo website:

  • Go to the ixigo trains web page.
  • Click on “Trains” at the top.
  • Select “PNR Status Enquiry”.
  • Input your 10-digit PNR number.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to check your RAC ticket status on the ixigo app:

  • Go to the ixigo trains app.
  • Tap on “PNR Status”. 
  • Enter your 10-digit PNR number.
  • Hit “Search” to view the status of your RAC booking. 

While travelling with the Indian Railways, there are different types of PNR status that a passenger may encounter. While a Confirmed booking is certainly the best deal one can get, an RAC ticket is also not that bad. Even though it does not guarantee a berth, in time-critical situations, you can be relieved to at least board your train, which is what RAC means in Railway. 

More often than not, an RAC ticket does become Confirmed and allots the traveller a berth. And in the rarer case that you do get stuck with an RAC booking, remember that you’ll still get to travel in the desired coach and reach your destination with some comfort, if not a lot. 

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